Medianalysis — The Unified Field Theory of the Global Media Society

Table of Contents

Part I – Introduction: The Global Media Society and the Nature of Theory

Chapter 1

The Global Media Society and the Nature of Theory

Chapter 2

A Brief History of Western Philosophy: From Socrates to Hegel

Part II – The Nature of Theory: Marx and E.H. Carr — Political Economy / History

Chapter 3

Marxism: The Ultimate Example of Theory as Answer

Chapter 4

Marxism as Theory and Prediction

Chapter 5

Marxism and Theory as Answer: An Epistemological Critique

Chapter 6

E.H. Carr and The 20 Years’ Crisis: A Structural Analysis

Chapter 7

A Structural Analysis of The Twenty Years’ Crisis and The Dynamics of Theory as Question

Part III – Society and Objectivity: Claude Levi-Strauss and Max Weber — Structural Anthropology / Verstehende Sociology

Chapter 8

Claude Levi-Strauss, Structural Anthropology, and The Savage Mind

Chapter 9

The Dynamics of Mythical Thinking: Bricolage, Classification and Transformation

Chapter 10

The Interlinked Dynamics of Mythical Thinking and Political Thinking: The Post-World War II US Experience

Chapter 11

Cognitive, Normative and Emotional Aspects of Myth and Post-1945 American Political Thinking

Chapter 12

Dominant Myths and the Production of Media

Chapter 13

Dominant Myths and the Consumption of Media – Media and the Consumption of Dominant Myths

Chapter 14

Max Weber, Verstehende Sociology and A Democratic Theory of Objectivity

Chapter 15

The “Objective” Analysis of Action, Thought and Concrete Situations

Part IV – Consciousness and Communication: Freud and Kenneth Burke — Psychoanalysis / Literary Theory

Chapter 16

Freud, Dream Analysis and “The Fundamental Question”

Chapter 17

“The Fundamental Dilemma,” Dream Analysis and Medianalysis ©: Interpreting the “Dreams of the World”

Chapter 18

Kenneth Burke and the Structural Dynamics of Communication and Language

Chapter 19

Hierarchy, Image and The Structural Dynamics of Narrative and Story

Part V — Conclusion

Chapter 20

Medianalysis, Critical Thinking, and the Millennium Crisis

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