US Workers Who Voted for Trump Have Been “Fooled Again” … And Again … and Again … and Again …

Donald J. Trump likes to say the trade pact has helped Mexico at the expense of American workers. But for many Mexicans, life is the same struggle as ever.

January 6 at 2:07am

US Workers Who Voted for Trump Have Been “Fooled Again” … And Again … and Again … and Again …

A few days ago, we noted how some idiot DC Dems and their allies in the labor movement, like AFL-CIO head Rich Trumka,

actually OFFERED Trump their help in trying to get rid of NAFTA,

which they wrongly blame for the disastrous state of American manufacturing workers …

Supposedly, their jobs have been “taken” by Mexicans and Chinese, who are whooping it up at their expense …

While this racist trope may be emotionally appealing to US workers who have indeed been screwed,

they would be better off aiming their anger at precisely the kind of corporate and finance honchos who Trump is eagerly inviting into his administration …

“Mexico’s economy has grown an average of just 2.5% a year under Nafta, a fraction of what was needed to provide the jobs and prosperity its supporters promised.

More than half of Mexicans still live below the poverty line,

a proportion that remains unchanged from 1993, before the deal went into effect.

Wages in Mexico have stagnated for more than a decade, and the stubborn gap between the nation’s rich and poor persists.

A majority of workers in Mexico toil in the obscurity of under-the-table jobs at workshops, markets and farms for their survival.

New technologies, meanwhile, have cut many jobs while increasing productivity, which is good news for businesses — but a blow to the work force.

“Mexico is seeing exactly the same phenomenon as in the United States,” said Timothy A. Wise, a research fellow at Tufts University.

Source: Mexicans Are the Nafta Winners? It’s News to Them – The New York Times