What the Alt-Right Really Means – The New York Times

“The alt-right is small. It may remain so. And yet, while small, it is part of something this election showed to be much bigger: the emergence of white people, who evidently feel their identity is under attack, as a “minority”-style political bloc … “The multiculturalist arguments you hear on every campus — those work for whites, too.” [Neo-Nazi] Richard Spencer, asked in an interview how he would respond to the accusation that his group was practicing identity politics in the manner of blacks and Hispanics, replied: “I’d say: ‘Yuh. You’re right.’ ” ““Donald Trump is the first step towards identity politics for European-Americans in the United States” … “Spencer, 38, directs the National Policy Institute, which sponsored the Washington meeting. Despite its name, the institute has little to say about policy … “What it mostly does is seek to unite people around the proposition that, as Spencer put it, “Race is real, race matters, and race is the foundation of identity.”” Indeed … “hail, victory” … sounds much better in the original Nazi-Deutsch — “Seig heil” …

The term, and the movement, may tell us something about how the country is changing.

Source: What the Alt-Right Really Means – The New York Times