While Trump & Congress Blather About Russia, More Important Player China Sends Carrier Through Taiwan Strait

Rising tensions between the two nations present a foreign policy challenge for the incoming administration of Donald J. Trump.

On January 8, we pointed out the — now evident — contradiction between

Trump’s constantly creating problems with key US economic partners Mexico and China, as well as the Muslim world,

while seemingly obsessed about “improving” relations with Russia, a country with whom the US has minimal economic connection —

with the exception, of course, of Exxon Mobil and other energy behemoths.

Yet on the day of Trump’s first press conference in months — a pathetic display by both him and the mainstream media —

and the first day of confirmation hearings for several Cabinet posts, most notably Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State — yet another unimpressive display by both nominees and Senators —

no one even raised the question of the much more significant relations with China !!!

Trump goes on about what an “asset” good relations will be with Russia —

while no one in the media asks him WHY it’s so important to have good relations with them ???

Or asks why he doesn’t seem to care equally about good relations with Mexico or China —

both of which he has been picking fights with since his campaign started ???

And while it’s possible Senators will get around to asking him about China and Mexico,

it seems those are topics not significant enough to be raised on the first day of hearings for a new Secretary of State …

Trump has certainly succeeded in one thing — making the entire US political elite look as clownish as ill-informed as he is …

Source: Taiwan Responds After China Sends Carrier to Taiwan Strait – The New York Times